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Why do you need Semrush in 2021?

Semrush is a SaaS platform for online visibility management and content marketing that enables businesses to optimize their online presence across all key channels.

Semrush’s data and insights are trusted by 6,000,000 marketing specialists and over 1,000 leading media outlets around the world.

With over 50 tools in the software, data from over 140 countries, integration with Google, and task management platforms, Semrush is now a must-have software for digital marketing teams around the world. In this Semrush review 2021 you will find out what Semrush can do for your business, how to use the tools semrush offers and why they are crucial for your online business.

Semrush offers more than 50 tools that are crucial for your online business, blog, or e-commerce store.

Semrush for your SEO

Majority of blog owners use semrush for their Website SEO configuration. SEO is a free way to rank on a lot of different keywords and earn income from your SEO. Unlock The power of your website with semrush SEO futures. Make your SEO more effective.

Semrush for SEO | Semrush review 2021

Keyword Research

Semrush gives you the possibility to outperform your competitors with their SEO keyword research tools.

Keyword Overview

This powerful tool allows you to paste the keyword you are interested in and in a few seconds you gave access to bright analyze of a particular keyword or group of keywords.

Check the value of any keyword, instantly evaluate a keyword’s estimated value and its competition, and discover how it accurately matches your goals.

Keyword overview | Semrush review 2021

In Keyword overview box just enter keyword separated by commas. You can choose your target country.

Overview dashboard | Semrush review 2021

Now You have access to semrush report.

SERP Analysis | Semrush review 2021

In keyword analysis Semrush add SERP Analysis and Keyword Ad History.

Bulk Keyword Analysis | Semrush review 2021

If you need you can make bulk analysis of your keywords. Just enter words and wait for results.

Organic Research

Analyze the complete list of rankings and free keyword pages of the competition. Discover the most effective organic keywords for your niche and find new ways to win SERPs.

Keyword Magic Tool

Get millions of keyword suggestions from the biggest keyword database on the market and pick the best ones for you in just a few clicks.

Keyword Magic Tool | Semrush review 2021

Explore a database of over 20 billion keywords through a user-friendly and streamlined interface.

Magic Tool Popup | Semrush review 2021

See keyword Global Search Volume, questions with particular keyword included and Related Phrases.

Keyword Gap

Spot your competitors’ strong and weak points. Get insights and prospects for your audience.

Compare your keyword profile with the competition and discover new opportunities to launch effective SEO campaigns.

Keyword Manager

Keyword Manager | Semrush review 2021

Allows you to analyze up to 1,000 keywords at once and see changes within SERP Features or top competitors for a keyword in real-time.

Organic Traffic Insights

Discover “not-provided” keywords from Google Analytics and cross-reference data to evaluate your website’s organic search performance.

On-page SEO

Semrush technical SEO audit tools brings you new ideas how to boost your Google rankings.

On-Page SEO Checker | Semrush review 2021

Make sure that your site is healthy, analyze its interaction with Google Search engine.

Site Audit

Process your pages in minutes with a high-speed crawler and get actionable solutions to fix your website’s issues. Apply flexible crawling settings and run our highly detailed on-page and technical SEO checks.

Site Audit| Semrush review 2021
Site Audit Settings | Semrush review 2021

On Page SEO Checker

Get an exhaustive list of ideas to improve the ranks of specific website pages. Receive tips on link building, content writing, SERP feature targeting, and more.

On-Page SEO Checker | Semrush review 2021

Log File Analyzer

Analyze the access logs and get a clear picture of the interaction of the Google crawler with your website. It will help you solve structural and navigational problems and find new ideas for managing bot activity and indexing budget optimization.

Local SEO

Create the perfect local SEO strategy! Let everyone know about your services, increase website traffic, get more customers and follow your development

Listing Management

Get business data automatically distributed to the most reliable directories. Track your local ranking progress at zipcode level and monitor reviews across multiple directories.

Position Tracking

Track your daily online performance with the position tracker.

Position Tracking | Semrush review 2021

Monitor any keywords and device types, keep an eye on your competitors’ domains, and track your search engine performance at the zip code level and in local packages.

On Page SEO Checker

Improve your search rankings by analyzing your competitors’ strategies and trends in your industry. Prioritize complex tasks to make the greatest impact in no time.

Social Media Toolkit

Improve your social media results! Publish and schedule updates to your online channels, including Google My Business, from one place.

Rank Tracking

Daily changes Tracking, Track daily target keyword changes in your target location.

Position Tracking

Track keywords, domains, and competitors on Google. Position Tracking helps you track campaign progress, spot and fix cannibalization, and optimize your targeting with the most accurate data, updated daily.


Track Google and Baidu’s SERP volatility based on daily rankings changes. Monitor signs that may indicate an update of Google’s algorithm and track which industries are changing more than others.

SERP Analysis | Semrush review 2021

See google insight stats like SERP volatility, HTTPS and HTTP usage and more SERP futures.


Research domains with the most organic visibility in various global markets. Discover the domains with the highest paying keywords, paid traffic and paid traffic estimated budget, then download the data to any of our regional databases.

Website Ranking | Semrush review 2021

See the most viewed websites ranking.

Link Building

Take your backlink profile to the next level with Semrush’s link-building tools. Control backlinks, control information campaigns and track your progress

Backlink Audit Tool

Monitor the quality of your backlink profile in detail: use our streamlined workflow to detoxify and strengthen your backlink profile.

Backlink Audit Settings | Semrush review 2021

Set up your backlink campaign with a few clicks.

Specify Brand Name | Semrush review 2021

Specify your brand name. Add the name that you use in your business.

Domain Categories | Semrush review 2021

Semrush allows you to select domain categories.

Country Selection | Semrush review 2021

Select targeted countries and click a start Backlink Audit button.

Backlink Analytics

Take your backlink profile to the next level with Semrush’s link building tools. Audit backlinks, master outreach campaigns, and track your progress

Backlink Analytics | Semrush review 2021

Just enter the domain that you are interested in and click check it.

Backlink Domain suggestions | Semrush review 2021

Even you have domain suggestions provided by semrush.

Backlinks Dashboard | Semrush review 2021

Backlink analysis includes Referring Domains analyze backlink section.

Backlink Types | Semrush review 2021

Measure your Referring Domain number by Authority Score.

Backlink Analytics | Semrush review 2021

Check backlink types and see your link attributes.

Backlink Gap

Visualize and track competitive backlink profiles. Get helpful information on link building and reach.

Bulk Backlink Analysis

Increase your backlink building opportunities and analyze your actual progress against a wide range of competitors. With more backlink opportunities, you can expand your presence in your niche.

Link Building Tool

A link-building tool is an effective way to start an information campaign and build a backlink profile on your site from scratch.

Link Building Tool | Semrush review 2021

With one tool, you can discover new link acquisition opportunities, manage them, get contact information on landing pages, and track campaign progress.

Add keywords | Semrush review 2021

Enter keywords you are interested in this semrush audit.

Semrush review 2021
Add Competitors | Semrush review 2021

Add your competitor domains

Competitor SEO Analysis

Be smarter and faster than your competition. Thanks to the Semrush tools it is possible.

Organic Research

Just enter your competitor’s domain name to see the stats! Use simple filters and cycle through your competitors’ free search rankings and rank changes reports.

Keyword Gap

Compare up to five competitors side by side and find gaps in keyword strategies that you may start targeting on your site.

Backlink Analytics

Go to your competitor’s website and see all their backlinks. Find their most popular referring domains, apply filters to find specific websites, and even pinpoint their recently acquired and lost backlinks – tons of ways to find new backlink opportunities for your own website.

Backlink Gap

Compare up to five competitors in terms of backlink profiles to see who connects to your competitors, but not you. A quick and easy way to find tons of relevant link building opportunities in your niche.

Backlink Gap | Semrush review 2021

My Reports

Create beautiful PDF reports quickly and easily with Semrush drag-and-drop widgets and many formatting features. Once you’ve gathered all your competition information, put it in a perfect PDF to finalize your competition analysis and share it with your team and / or client.

Semrush for content

The Ideal solution for your content is to use Semrush keyword tool that will provide you amazing keyword ideas that you can use for you SEO optimized content.

Content Marketing

Create and implement an effective data-driven content strategy driven by your audience’s needs. Combine creativity and analytics at every stage of your workflow, from idea to creation, optimization, and measurement.

Topic Research

Discover dozens of content ideas to create engaging content that will resonate with your audience. Find popular topics, headlines, and questions on the web to create an effective editorial plan that will increase your traffic.

Topic Research | Semrush review 2021

Marketing Calendar

Manage content strategies, plan editorial calendars, and collaborate with your team. Stay on top of all your content marketing activities at every level, from campaigns to the tasks of each of your colleagues.

SEO Content Template

With just a few clicks, you can generate personalized, SEO-friendly content summaries to drive organic traffic to your website. Get useful recommendations from the top 10 competitors on Google targeting your keywords.

SEO Writing Assistant

Check your SEO score and originality, improve readability, and adjust your voice tone to write unique content. Get helpful tips in your Google Docs or WordPress account wherever you are.

Brand Monitoring

Find the most relevant content distribution platforms, find industry influencers, and assess potential reach. Follow your brand and your competitors’ brand on the Internet, including forums and social networks.

Post Tracking

Measure the effectiveness of your independent publications or competitors’ articles. Track social engagement, backlink count, traffic from referring sites to your website, and daily keyword in content rankings.

Content Audit

Search your table of contents to find the most popular articles and determine which ones need updating. Customize your content audit based on real-time data from Semrush, Google Analytics and Search Console.

Content Audit | Semrush review 2021

Content Creation and Distribution

Make content creation and distribution process easier with Semrush. Find resonant ideas for topics, order traffic-generating blog posts from professional copywriters, and share them with your audience in just a few clicks!

Topic Research

Get hundreds of content ideas in a few clicks based on approximate subject and location. Discover the headlines of your top contenders and audience questions to create high-quality content for your target readers.

Content Marketplace

Just point to a topic and receive traffic-generating blog posts from professional authors. We will find a copywriter tailored to your needs to create unique content, and we will also optimize it on request.

Social Media Poster

Share your content on social media channels, plan your posts and analyze their performance. Insert GIFs, emoticons, and other visuals to make your social content more engaging with your audience.

Content Optimization

Create search-friendly content based on your competitors’ best practices to drive organic traffic to your website. Get useful recommendations for optimizing text and checking its SEO status in real-time in Google Docs or WordPress.

SEO Content Template

Read on for some helpful recommendations for creating winning content. The tips are based on your target keywords and the ranking of the top 10 candidates for those keywords, allowing you to apply their best practices.

SEO Content Template | Semrush review 2021

SEO Writing Assistant

Make sure your text is unique and your search optimized in just a few clicks directly in your Google Docs or WordPress account. Improve the clarity of the copy and adjust the tone of the voice according to your content strategy.

Quick SEO Checker | Semrush review 2021

Content Marketing Analytics

Analyze content performance with one click and easily identify which resources need improvement. Discover new opportunities to customize your content strategy and achieve better marketing outcomes.

Content Audit

Check your content inventory and automatically divide them into sets for further improvement. Find items that need to be updated, rewritten, or deleted using Google Analytics, Search Console, and Semrush data.

Post Tracking

Measure the effectiveness of your independent publications or competitors’ articles. Track social engagement, number of backlinks, traffic from referring sites to your site, and daily keywords in content rankings.

Semrush for Market Research

Oleg Shchegolev tool provides you amazing Solutions for your Market Research.

Competitor Analysis

Make sure that you audit your competitors with

Traffic Analytics

Compare your website traffic rates with competitors to confirm marketing success and recover from a temporary decline. Inform about changes in the strategy thanks to the competition analysis on the website.

Backlink Gap | Semrush review 2021

See your Backlink Gaps

Traffic Journey | Semrush review 2021

Exclusive semrush futures is Traffic Journey Diagram that shows you visually how the traffic comes in and out of your website.

Organic Research

Discover your competitors in organic search and find opportunities to compete with them. Find out how valuable the exact keywords they rank are and mark gaps that even your rivals will miss.

Advertising Research

Highlight your competitive advantage with paid search. Take advantage of the expertise of the advertising industry and in-depth analysis of your competitors’ ads with Semrush software.

Brand Monitoring

Make things easier for brand managers and the PR team – track online mentions of your rivals’ brand and products or your own. Control your reputation with online competition analysis.

Market Analysis

Get a complete understanding of your current or new market. Include competition analysis at key stages in your marketing management process

Market Explorer

Enter the market with the Semrush Growth Quadrant. Discover the size and potential of the market, major players, their online market share and traffic generation strategies in Semrush Market Explorer reports.

Market Explorer | Semrush review 2021

Semrush Market overview and Growth Quadrant tool.

Domain vs Market Dynamics | Semrush review 2021

Domain vs Market Dynamics analyze and Total Traffic Trends.

Geo Distribution | Semrush review 2021

Look at keyword Location Distribution.

Audience Market| Semrush review 2021

Semrush provides In-Market Audience interests and Market Audience Gender.

Traffic Analytics

Perform a comparative analysis of the results and trends of market players online with. Analyze your customers’ needs and interests in the target market, geographic distribution, and their path to adapt your communication and media strategies.

Paid Advertising

Analyze your competitors, conduct a keyword research, and create a convincing ad text. Save hours by automating time-consuming tasks with Semrush’s paid marketing tools

Advertising Research

Analyze your competitors’ advertising strategies. View the keywords they are bidding on. See examples of your ad text from industry leaders, and see which months of the year it ran. Discover new advertisers in Google Ads.

Display Advertising

Learn about competitors’ GDN strategies. Analyze their ad texts and banners. Find new publishers that will choose the most performing placements for your ads. Find out what audiences your competitors are targeting.

PLA Advertising

Analyze other advertisers’ performance on Shopping. Discover the queries that trigger PLA display and positioning. Read on for details on the most successful ads.

Competitor PR Monitoring

Track your competitors’ mentions as closely as your own. Watch out for audience sentiment, internal rival shifts, and your company’s competitive landscape with PR monitoring tools.

Brand Monitoring

Scan social media and traditional online media for competing mentions. List topics that encourage organic sharing to your target audience. Find the right backlink providers and influencers to support your brand reputation.

Post Tracking

Measure third party publishing performance with Semrush competitor tracking software. Increase PR impact with digital monitoring.

Semrush for Advertising

Make your Paid Ads more profitable.

Domain overview

Domain Overview | Semrush review 2021

Research every domain on the internet. See authority score, Organic Search Traffic, Paid Search Traffic

Organic Research | Semrush review 2021

Organic Traffic analysis Top Organic Keywords, Organic position Distribution overview.

Advertising Research | Semrush review 2021

See Worldwide Backlinks overview, Referring Domains and Top Anchors.

Backlinks | Semrush review 2021

Index Pages, Display Advertising, Landing Pages, and more…

Indexed Pages | Semrush review 2021

Look at Sample Display Ads.

Sample Ads | Semrush review 2021

PPC Keyword Research

Find the right keywords with Semrush paid keyword research tools to reach your audience and match them with their intentions

Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword Magic provides the largest keyword database on the market. Find niche topics, find semantically related long-tail keywords, and build a paid keyword list for your PPC campaign.

Keyword Gap

Find new keywords by analyzing your competition. Compare up to five domains side by side. Find popular paid keywords that you and your rivals rate and compare your site’s rankings in the search results for each term.

PPC Keyword Tool

Optimize your PPC campaign with the PPC keyword tool. Organize keywords at the campaign and ad group level, set exclusions, search for local counters and CPC metrics (down to the city level), and create a master keyword list.

Website Monetization

Semrush offers a powerful toolkit for bloggers, AdSense publishers, and affiliate managers. Leverage competitive analysis to monetize your website traffic and make your efforts pay off

Display Advertising

With Display Ads reporting, you can analyze your effective competitors from every angle, such as Ad placements, top audience interests, users’ devices and more.

On Page SEO Checker

The tool provides accurate information on the steps needed to improve your website. Recommendations are based on an analysis of the competition (those in the top ten of Google’s results) and your own website.

If you are looking how to create a website >>Click<<

Semrush for SMM

Easy Social Media Content Management with Semrush’s tool kit for Media Management.

Social Media Management

Streamline your social media marketing with ours
ad publishing, monitoring and management solutions

Social Media Poster

Schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google My Business in seconds and track their results. Turn your planning routine into a pleasant ritual with our time-saving features.

Social Media Ads

Create, run, manage and optimize ads on family-friendly Facebook placements with the Social Media Ads tool. See your low-performing ads and get recommendations on how to improve them.

Semrush Pricing

What is semrush cost


Billed monthly

Billed annually

Semrush Pro

$119.95per month

$99.95per month

Semrush Guru

$229.95per month

$191.62per month

Semrush Business

$449.95per month

$374.95per month

Customer Support Overview

If you have a problem just write to support they will handle all your problems

Conclusion of Semrush review

Semrush if a must-have tool for all websites owners.

Semrush Review 2021: With over 50 tools in the software, data from over 140 countries, integration with Google, and task management platforms, Semrush is now a leader in SEO and Ads analytics industry.
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