Why my WordPress doesn’t send emails?

When do decide to host your website on Cloud, Probably you realize that your WordPress site from default doesn’t send email notifications. You need to make an SMTP Configuration to be able to handle the whole mailing list or sending emails from your e-commerce shop.

What is SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol?

SMTP provides a set of codes that simplify e-mail communication between e-mail servers (the network computer that handles incoming and outgoing e-mail).

This is a kind of hash that allows a server to break down different parts of a message into categories that another server can understand. When you send a message, it is converted into text strings separated by code words (or numbers) that define the purpose of each section.

SMTP provides these codes, and the email server software is designed to understand what they mean. When each message reaches its destination, it sometimes passes through several computers as well as through their individual MTAs.

It just so happens to be saved for a short time before moving to the next computer in the path. Think of it like a letter going through different hands when it goes to the right mailbox.

Couple of reasons why you need SMTP

Benefits of using SMTP

  • A secure environment for sending emails and receiving emails
  • Emails sent have low chance of landing into user’s spam folder.
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Easy to implement
  • Cheap option for sending a thousand of emails

Best SMTP providers

SMTP service providers I recommended:

  • Amazon SES
  • Mailgun
  • SendGrid
  • AuthSMTP
  • Sparkpost
  • Mandrill

My personal choice is Amazon SES (The cheapest option from the list above). Is it only $0.10 for 1000 emails.

An easy SMTP configuration method on WordPress

To configurable email sending from your WordPress site based on Cloud VPS. You need to choose an SMTP provider. My personal choice is Amazon SES. Why Just because It is the cheapest. It cost only $0.10 per 1000 emails sent.

SMTP Configuration
Amazon SES | SMTP Configuration

The First step is to sing up for Amazon SES. Click Get started with Amazon SES button.

Login/Register | SMTP Configuration

Click Create a new AWS account. That will give you access to Amazon Simple email Service.

Search box| SMTP Configuration

In the AWS app search box. Write Simple Email Service and Select First option from the menu.

Amazon SES | SMTP Configuration

This how Amazon SES dashboard look like. In this space you need to configure 3 things. Email verification, Domain Verification and You have to get out of sandbox mode.

Domains | SMTP Configuration

Go to Domain section and the left menu. Click blue Verify a New Domain Button.

Domain Verification | SMTP Configuration

Write your domain name without HTTPS or HTTP just domain.com and select Generate DKIM Setting. Click verify domain and add all records to your domain account.

Email Addresses | SMTP Configuration

The Second step is to verify the email address. This is the simpler part just write your email and Go to your email inbox. Click authorize email.

Email Verification | SMTP Configuration

If you complete these two things. The Third part is to get out of sandbox mode. Go to Sending Statistics and click Request to increase limit. Amazon SES support team should activate your service if not write email to support describe your marketing strategy.

Account Details | SMTP Configuration

The last step is to connect your WordPress site. This is a very simple process. Download from your WordPress library plugin called Fluent SMTP, click active.

Fluent SMTP| SMTP Configuration

You will see plugin dashboard, Click Add another connection.

Fluent Dashboard | SMTP Configuration

From listed SMTP providers select Amazon SES.

Connection Providers | SMTP Configuration

Fill your sender settings From name I personally use is name @ website name. That works the best for me.

Connection Settings | SMTP Configuration

After you finish the whole process just send a test email and pay a low amount of money for email sending.

Conclusion: SMTP, Cloud VPS, WordPress.

If you are using fast cloud hosting like cloudways. You should try the SMTP service to make your email sending cheap as possible.

If you’re looking for fast and reliable hosting look at my Cloudways review

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